Episode 14 Pt 2: Dr. Kelly Everson Breaks Down the Baker Act


The second segment with special guest speaker Dr. Kelly Everson.

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This segment deals with Paolo and Dr. Everson discussing the Baker Act while focusing on child psychology. Some of us may not know what the Baker Act is, the pro’s and con’s of this action and how to build trust with your psychologist to gain the most out of the session as well as touching upon cognitive therapy.

According to Dr. Everson’s biography via the Palm Beach Behavioral Health and Wellness webpage, “Dr. Kelly Everson is Co-Owner and Florida Licensed Psychologist at Palm Beach Behavioral Health and Wellness. Additionally, Dr. Everson serves as the Training Director for PBBHW’s psychology training programs. Dr. Everson specializes in psychotherapy and assessment of children, adolescents and families. Dr. Everson received her bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and continued her education at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, earning a Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Family Psychology.”