Episode 14 Pt 3: Dr. Kelly Everson on Childhood Mental Health Issues


This is the 3rd segment with special guest, Dr. Kelly Everson.

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This episode deals with and expands on childhood mental health issues and treatment. Paolo starts off by asking the most common mental health issues youth come in for treatment. Dr. Everson says that the #1 issue is anxiety and stress. They then talk about coping skills for some of the mental health issues they discuss such as deep breathing. Dr. Everson also goes on to list such as attention and difficulty focusing; ADHD, and time management issues. She lists resources people can use such as readings, videos and visual metaphors to help people understand coping mechanisms. She says a lot of these issues can happen to any child such as those on the spectrum, attention issues, everyday children and can happen most often with sensory overload, which children are exposed to everyday. Sometimes it is even beneficial to understand the buildup to a breakdown and make sure you can calm yourself down before a meltdown. This can apply to adults as well to motivate yourself to keep going with a lot on your plate. They touch upon medicating as well such as proper medicating and over medicating a child and if it works or not.